Taste-safe sensory for babies

Sensory play is so much fun. From sensory bins to nature walks where you listen for sounds, there is just so much you can do with it!

There is one thing that some sensory activities for toddlers don’t always accommodate. That is a child’s desire to taste, well, everything! We all know babies love to put things in their mouths from just a month old or so, but the big kids like to do it sometimes too.

Here are some of our favorite taste safe sensory play ideas.

Taste Safe Sensory Play

Everything on this list is taste safe. By that I mean it is technically edible. That doesn’t mean that it will taste good, or that you necessarily want your child to eat a lot of it. But if it gets in your baby’s mouth or your toddler sneaks a lick, that’s okay.

Sensory Bin Ideas

When I think of a sensory table for toddlers, the first thing I think about is a sensory bin. This is a fancier way of saying a container with some stuff dumped in it. 😉 And this sort of edible sensory play is great for kids. You can set it up, then back off and let them go.

Edible Sensory Activities That Get Messy

Easy sensory bin fillers are awesome, but sometimes you want to dig a little deeper into the fun.  I have found the sensory table activities toddlers love best are often the messiest.  You can embrace the mess and still be taste safe.

Edible Play Doh

I’ve done the peanut butter version and know it works well, but there are so many other edible play dohs out there!

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